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      NameNBC500 CO2 IGBT MIG
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    Product description:

    1.Suitable for sheet over 0.8mm
    2.Cost saving and efficiency improving
    3.With wire machine, and easy and considerable for operation
    4.High welding speed, high arcing success rate
    5.Continuous and discontinuous welding function
    6.Automatic voltage pulsation compensation capability
    7.Suitable for carbon steel, alloy steel, soft steel, etc, and various wire
    8.Little spatter, uniform welding pool, good welding shape.
    technology with stable output, excellent ability of balance voltage up to 15%.
    10.Electronic reactor control brings stable welding, little sparks, deep pool and good form.
    11.Be able to weld with core wire and flux wire.
    12.Be able to clean molten drop after welding, so as to ensure high successful rate of arc-starting .
    13.Can be equipped different length of cable for customer, Max length of cable can added to 50m.
    14.The machine is suitable for welding work pieces more than 1.0mm.

      TEK ARC-250EP

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