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    MOS DC MMA Welding
    IGBT Single ARC DC Welding
    IGBT Module DC ZX7 Welding
    TIG DC Welding
    WS TIG/MMA DC Welding
    WSE AC/DC Square Wave TIG Welding
    WSM TIG/MMA IGBT Pulse Welding
    Mos MIG CO2 Welding
    IGBT Single NBC CO2 Welding
    IGBT Molude NBC CO2 Welding
    Pulse MIG Welding
    CUT Air Plasma Inverter
    CT TIG/MMA/CUT Inverter
    MZ Submerge Welding
    RSR Stud Welding
    GFW Fuel Engine Welding
    Welder Accessories

          TEK E-INDUSTRY GRP CO., LTD specializes in manufacturing Inverter Welding & Cutting machines with advanced technology. It is a high-tech company dedicating itself to design, manufacturing and commercialize of welding & cutting machines.

          With the unique Inverter technology, of which Inverter frequency up to 200 KHz, TEK Welder manufactures the small-sized welding and plasma cutting machines.

          Meanwhile, TEK Welder also produces new and high quality industrial welding and cutting machines such as Inverter CO2 MIG machine, heavy current plasma cutting machines, etc. TEK Welder takes the lead in the world and brings the benefits to customers from reduction of weight and size of welding and cutting machines.

         With excellent quality, competitive price, and optimal service, the products of TEK Welder enjoy high popularity home and abroad, such as in Southeast Asia, Europe, American, Africa, and Middle East, etc. With the never-yielding effort of the whole staff of TEK Welder, at present, we possesses 9 series with more than 40 types of products, such as Inverter AC/DC TIG welding machine, Inverter Pulse TIG welding machine, Inverter MMA/TIG machine, Inverter Plasma cutting machine, Inverter MMA/TIG/PLASMA cutting machine, Inverter CO2/MIG machine, Inverter Submerged Arc welding machine, etc.

         Currently, TEK Welder’s sales service network has extended to most parts of China, and the overseas sales and service network is being improved constantly. We will make our best effort to meet the severe international competition. We hope to hold hands with our friends from all over the world together to move forward and create a glorious future.

      TEK ARC-250EP

    Address: 126,Tianma Rd, Qinxiyang Industry Zone, Fuan, Fujian, China
    P.C: 355000
    Tel: 0086-593-6797136 
    Fax: 0086-593-6797138
    Mob: 0086-13860383558
    E-mail: sales@tekwe.com
    MSN: tekindu@hotmail.com
    Skype: tek-tema
    Yahoo MSG: tema liu
    Trademanager: cntek
    QQ: 704107616

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